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Hospital CIMA Barcelona

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Approximate waiting times in Accident and Emergency at Hospital CIMA
  • Generales0-15 min
  • Traumatología0-15 min
  • Pediátricas0-15 min
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Recognised Medical Excellence

The IDIS awards the QH 3-star quality certification to Sanitas' La Zarzuela and La Moraleja university hospitals and to the Hospital Sanitas CIMA

This is the maximum level of this certification which had not previously been attained by any hospital. The recognition is the first common unit of measurement of...

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The Spanish Rheumatology Society recognises the Hospital Sanitas CIMA as Spain's best centre in care for persons with rheumatoid arthritis.

In the image, Doctors Ferrán García and Violant Poca of the Hospital Sanitas CIMA Barcelona. The hospital's Rheumatology department obtains the highest score...

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