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The new Obstetrics and Neonatology Unit at the Hospital CIMA Barcelona has performed 100 births in its first month of operation

The company has made a total investment of 3,054,000 euros. It is equipped with a cutting-edge neonatal ICU with a breastfeeding area, three delivery rooms and a caesarean operating theatre. The Hospital Sanitas CIMA is key in the expansion of Sanitas in Catalonia and reinforces the group's focus on this market.

The new Obstetrics and Neonatology Unit at the Hospital CIMA Barcelona has performed 100 births in its first month of operation


The minister of health of the Catalan regional government, Boi Ruiz i García, and the general manager of Sanitas Hospitals, Jesús Bonilla, today presided over the inauguration ceremony of the new Obstetrics and Neonatology Unit at the Hospital Sanitas CIMA.

Sanitas Hospitals has invested over 3 million euros in extending the facilities of the Hospital Sanitas CIMA to dedicate over 700 m2 to the new Obstetrics and Neonatology Unit.

Among other features, the new infrastructure boasts three delivery rooms, an operating theatre for emergency caesareans, a 24-hour neonatal ICU with breastfeeding area and 7 individual rooms.

Furthermore, the hospital has a recently renovated 24-hour A&E department, cutting-edge technology and over 150 professionals.

According to the manager of the hospital, Antonio Giró, “with this new Obstetrics and Neonatology Unit, the Hospital Sanitas CIMA incorporates exclusive services for parents, such as the conservation of umbilical cord stem cells, non-invasive prenatal genetic test enabling the detection of chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy, gender determination without the need to obtain a sample of the foetus, and paternity tests”.


Humanised birth with minimum intervention, also available

According to the needs of each patient and also based on the medical criteria, different types of delivery can be performed: humanised birth, with individual care tailor made for each woman and promoting minimum intervention during the birth; planned induced labour due to a medical condition; caesarian, etc.

Furthermore, as in the other Sanitas centres, patients can access online services such as booking an appointment or consulting the results of diagnostic tests. The healthcare professionals also have access to the medical history of their patients from any Sanitas centre, a system which improves personalised patient treatment.


The Hospital Sanitas CIMA Barcelona s its Radiology department with a latest generation CAT scanner

The new 128-slice or -image CAT scanner reduces radiation, increases clinical indications and allows more precise diagnoses.

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