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The Hospital CIMA with a latest generation CAT scanner

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The Hospital CIMA with a latest generation CAT scanner

The new 128-slice or -image CAT scanner reduces radiation, increases clinical indications and allows more precise diagnoses.

The Hospital Sanitas CIMA Barcelona has strengthened its Radiology department with the purchase of a latest generation Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT) system, an investment of 365,000 euros.

"The new 128-slice or -image system s the current 16-slice CAT scanner, implying a notable leap in quality. It is one of today's most advanced models, to the point that there are only three systems with these characteristics in Barcelona", highlights Doctor César Arribas, head of the Diagnostic Imaging Unit at the Hospital Sanitas CIMA.

Among the main advantages, the new CAT scanner makes it possible to perform a greater range of diagnostic tests, including the cardiac CAT scan, thanks to greater precision and image quality. Another of the benefits for the patient, particularly for paediatric patients, is the reduction in the radiation necessary to perform the tests.

Furthermore, this system is much quicker in performing tests, a particularly beneficial aspect for patients on whom, due to their profile, it is difficult to perform this type of process, such as children and patients with neurological diseases. For Doctor Arribas, "The recently unveiled CAT scanner, together with the equipment available in the Iradier Milenium Medical Centre, entails a first-class offer in diagnostic imaging".

Since its purchase in 2011, Sanitas has made several improvements to the Hospital CIMA within a three-year, 2011-2014, plan and a budget of 5 million euros to boost the centre. Up until now, the most prominent investments made the extension of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and A&E services. Furthermore, new specialist areas such as Oncology, Psychology and Speech Therapy have been incorporated and those of Traumatology, Urology, Neurology and Neurosurgery have been strengthened.


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