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Diagnostic tests

Body Metabolism Study



The Endocrinology department at Hospital Sanitas CIMA places at your disposal the body metabolism* or calorimetry study.



Indirect calorimetry measures energy consumption, that is to say, the energy that the body needs to maintain its weight and perform its s, and the nutritional needs of each person. This energy comes from the nutritional substances contained in foods or nutrients.



At the end of the study we will know the energy that a person uses in calories. We will compare this with what it is expected that this person consumes given their weight, height, age and normal activity.

It will also indicate what nutrients (fats, sugars, proteins) the person is using to provide this energy and in what proportion. Thanks to the study, in the case of patients with obesity, a personalised diet can be d with the caloric needs of the patient and the type of nutrients that this individual uses best (hypermetabolic individuals).

Increased energy consumption in patients whose consumption is very low (hypometabolic individuals) can also be examined. It is also useful in people who need to gain weight, as it shows the daily consumption to be able to establish a diet with a higher caloric intake than the calories burned.



The test is painless and so any patient can undergo it. Children should be 5-6 years old, as the patient needs to remain quiet for 20 minutes. The study is best performed first thing in the morning, as it s no prior exercise and fasting of 6 to 12 hours. The duration of the test is around 30 minutes, in which the patient must be relaxed, at a stable temperature and awake. It is necessary to provide 24-hour urine for the correct assessment of the balance.


*Service not d in Sanitas policy.

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