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Pioneering technology

Pioneering technology


We are committed to offering the best technology for patient care.

Sanitas Hospitals focuses on innovation and pioneering technology with the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, in areas such as:

  • Interventional radiology with haemodynamics, enabling the medical professional to obtain images of excellent quality with the lowest levels of radiation and risk for doctor and patient.
  • Virtual liver biopsy or FibroScan, enabling a shift from minimally invasive diagnosis to a completely non-invasive method that assesses the degree of hardness which is correlated with fibrosis (chronic hepatitis) and cirrhosis of the liver, with a view to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis of viral aetiology.
  • 3D OCT optical coherence tomography takes an optical scan using a laser and analyses the images of the retina and optic nerve as if a biopsy had been performed but without touching the eye.
  • Digital dermatoscopy. The Dermatology department at the Hospital Sanitas CIMA uses this non-invasive technique that improves the diagnosis of skin lesions, particularly pigmented lesions, such as freckles, moles and spots. It is a magnifying camera with a polarised light source connected to a computer system that makes it possible to obtain a precise and highly amplified image of the freckles and store their appearance for future comparison.
  • Capillarioscopy is a non-invasive technique performed at nailfold level, making it possible to assess the characteristics of the distal capillaries.

The technology is applied in the comprehensive service provided to our clients, in procedures in which it is necessary, in the integration of the information and the digital access thereto, thanks to:

  • Virtual Paediatrician: consultation services offered for free through the client area of the company's website.
  • Online Appointment: with this application, a new medical appointment can be easily made, and clients can consult their existing appointments or cancel them.
  • Patient call: through the installation of monitors in all our centres, the patient is called for their consultation using a number they are given when checking in. Each person is assigned the same number regardless of the specialist area or Sanitas Hospitals centre they visit.
  • Online results consultation: through a medical documentation storage service, clients can consult medical reports such as clinical or A&E analyses.
  • Appointment reminder: the patient is reminded of the data relating to their appointment as well as of the possibility of cancelling it by text message.
  • Real-time A&E waiting-time consultation via the internet.
  • Online 2nd consultation in gynaecology and obstetrics, oncology and paediatrics.
  • Radiological Network: Allows any radiologist from our network to analyse and issue reports on the radiological images stored in a single place.
  • Electronic Medical History: All the useful medical information is processed electronically in an online environment, accessible to all doctors from any location. This makes it possible to speed up requests, analyses, consultations and results, to share opinions and even generate instant reports, making the most of the resources available, even though they are geographically separated.


Sanitas Hospitals, maximum quality accreditation QH

The IDIS delivers the QH quality certification in 3 star category to the Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja and Sanitas CIMA Hospital

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