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Quality, Environment and Accessibility

Quality, Environment and Accessibility


Sanitas Hospitals makes it its mission to provide care and quality of life by always offering a high quality, sustainable service that has minimal impact on the environment.

We want our services to stand out by using the Management Model as a means of continually improving their processes.

The Sanitas Hospitals Management Policy is based on the following principle: "Every person is directly responsible for the quality of their work and their results".

The professionals, the organisation, and the providers must play their part so that we all have the common objective of providing customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, Sanitas Hospitals sets these general objectives:

  • Efficiency and excellence in internal management through the adoption of a Management Model that combines economic, technical, environmental, and social aspects.
  • High level of satisfaction for the external client, meaning the patient, by fulfilling all of the its ments.
  • High level of satisfaction for the internal client, meaning our healthcare and non-healthcare professionals, who must be motivated, trained and flexible so that our clients receive the most personalised treatment possible.
  • High level of satisfaction for trainee healthcare professionals.
  • To prevent and minimise the environmental impact resulting from the activities of the Organisation, establishing the mechanisms necessary to properly isolate and reduce the volume and danger of medical waste, atmospheric emissions, and the consumption of natural resources by creating provisions for the sustainable use and consumption of energy with energy-efficient criteria.
  • To improve energy performance by supporting the design and acquisition of energy-efficient products, services.
  • Commitment to adopting continual improvement programmes.
  • Commitment to fulfilling legal ments, regulations, DALCO accessibility criteria, and other obligations that are relevant to our activities.

The management policy guidelines will serve as a reference model for establishing and revising specific management objectives. These objectives will be expanded to the rest of the organisation and will be adopted at relevant s and levels, while their progress and consistency will be periodically evaluated.


Sanitas Hospitals, maximum quality accreditation QH

The IDIS delivers the QH quality certification in 3 star category to the Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja and Sanitas CIMA Hospital

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The Hospital CIMA attends 100 births in its new Unit

It is equipped with a cutting-edge neonatal ICU with a breastfeeding area, three delivery rooms and a caesarean operating theatre. 

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