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Your health must be well looked after. Therefore, so that your stay in hospital is the best possible, here you will find the best professionals and latest technology to offer a first-class service.



48 hours prior to the day of your surgery, you will receive a pre-surgery call confirming the admission time, the documentation you must provide and the preparation for the surgery. Additionally, during this call you can resolve operational queries regarding your admission.

The admission time confirmed in the call is the one you must actually take into ac to avoid unnecessary waits, even if it is not the exact time given to you in the consultation or at reception.

At the reception/information er of the main entrance to the hospital you must complete the necessary steps for your admission. To avoid unnecessary waits we recommend that you come to formalise your admission at the time indicated in the pre-surgery call which you will receive 48 hours prior to the day of surgery. The schedule is from 7 am to 9.30 pm from Monday to Friday continuously, and from 8 am to 8 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If you have any doubts, call us on (+34) 93 552 27 00 for further information.

The documentation necessary to be able to prepare and process your admission is the following:

  • National identification document (DNI) or passport.
  • Informed consent for the intervention and the anaesthesia, if necessary.
  • Supporting documentation (prior tests and medical reports).
  • Financial documentation and/or authorisation of the medical insurer.

If you do not have authorisation from the insurer, you will have to pay the full amount quoted for the treatment.

During admission you will be asked to complete your personal details, which are expressly protected under the Law on Data Protection, and your consent will also be requested.

The payment of the costs of the stay may be made in cash (up to 2,500 euros), by credit card or bank transfer.

If you come as a private patient you must pay an amount as a deposit, which will vary depending on the service you are going to receive. At reception/information, they will inform you of the deposit amount.

Once all the processes have been completed, the hospital staff will inform you of how to access the surgery area and how it works. Persons accompanying patients can leave their personal belongings in the storage area established for this purpose at reception until a room has been assigned.

What do you have to bring?

  • Personal belongings. It is recommended not to bring items of value.
  • Pyjamas.
If you are going to undergo surgery you must enter the operating theatre without jewellery, dentures, make-up or nail varnish.

Relatives will be locatable to receive the information of the surgeon after the operation. For this they will be asked for a contact telephone number which will be used to inform them that the operation is finished.

The ICU is situated on floor 4 of the hospital. Medical information will be given from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. For privacy reasons, no information will be given over the telephone.

Patient visiting hours are from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm, and are restricted to one person in the cubicle at a time.

The approximate duration of visits will be between 30 and 45 minutes.

Under 14s will not be allowed to enter.

At times visits may be delayed, reduced or even cancelled if the timing interferes with care. In this case, visitors will be informed by the ICU staff.

To facilitate rest, nobody will be permitted to accompany the patient at night.

Visitors can bring basic hygiene items of the patient, as well as reading materials and radios. All electronic devices will be limited according to the risk of interference with the monitoring equipment in the unit.

Additionally, we ask that mobile phones be switched off or silenced in order to conserve the comfortable atmosphere of the hospital.

Out of respect for the privacy of other patients, it is not permitted to stand outside the cubicles. If you want something, use the bell in the cubicle and you will be attended to immediately.

If an admitted patient is moved to the ICU, their relatives must leave the room they were occupying.

Open-door NICU in which the child can be accompanied by one of the parents or guardians 24 hours a day.

Visiting hours for other family members are from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. These hours can be affected by the conditions or needs of any child. The staff of the unit will inform you of these alterations.

All medical information will be given every day from 12 pm to 1 pm. In no case will information be given over the telephone.

The diet established by your doctor is best suited to your recovery. All our diets are advised by an endocrinologist and a dietician.

Provided that the diet assigned by your doctor is "NORMAL", the Hospital CIMA offers you the possibility of choosing between the menu options that will be given to you daily in your room. If you would like any extra or to eat something outside of the set times you have the room service telephone number (ext. 739195) at your disposal. If there is no contraindication, you will be served in your room with an additional cost of 5 euros on the menu price of the product requested. Requests will be considered extra costs and will be settled along with the invoice.

The approximate meal times are:

  • Breakfast, from 7.30 am to 8.15 am
  • Lunch, from 1.15 pm to 2.15 pm
  • Afternoon snack, from 5 pm to 5.30 pm
  • Dinner, from 7.15 pm to 8.15 pm

Food for those accompanying patients:
Those accompanying patients who wish to eat in the hospital can go to the restaurant situated on the ground floor. The cost of their meal will be borne by the patient, according to the coverage of their mutual insurance company. Consult your insurer. Private patients always bear said cost.

All rooms have a sofa bed for those accompanying patients. For the well-being of patients more than two people may not stay in the room. Silence is essential and visits of children are not advised.

Visiting hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. The centre can restrict visits at its discretion.

If an inpatient has to be moved to the ICU, the person accompanying them must leave the room they were occupying.

Pursuant to Law 42/2010, of 30 December 2010, smoking is prohibited throughout the hospital complex, both inside and outside.
If you notice any anomaly in the comfort of your room, you must call Nursing Control, who will advise Technical Maintenance Services immediately.
The doctor will notify you of your discharge by delivering a report which you must present at reception to formalise the administrative procedures and settlement of possible charges. The room must be left before 10 am if the discharge report was delivered first thing in the morning. If you are outside of these hours, the patient must leave the room as soon as possible. If the room is left after 12 pm and the discharge was given beforehand, the full stay will be invoiced.

For greater comfort, once discharged and until you leave the hospital, there is a separate waiting area and a storage facility for your personal belongings.

The payment of the additional costs not considered in the initially settled quotation will be made on the Ground Floor in the Admissions department. The invoice must be paid before leaving the hospital. Said invoice will provide details of:

  • Medical costs.
  • Hospital costs, if any.

It may be paid via 3 methods:

  • In cash (up to a maximum of €2,500).
  • Credit card.
  • Bank transfer.

Admission, access to certain specialist areas and tests will be by order of a doctor. Consult with your corresponding doctor.


Sanitas Hospitals, maximum quality accreditation QH

The IDIS delivers the QH quality certification in 3 star category to the Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja and Sanitas CIMA Hospital

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The Hospital CIMA attends 100 births in its new Unit

It is equipped with a cutting-edge neonatal ICU with a breastfeeding area, three delivery rooms and a caesarean operating theatre. 

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