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Ethics and research

Ethics and research


We have the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research.

Hospital CIMA has an Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC) certified by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which promotes research activity governed by rigorous professional ethics.

This certification also involves extending the committee’s area of action, which in addition to Hospital CIMA, will protect the research activities of the Milenium medical centres in the Catalonia network.

The work of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC) consists of assessing ethical, legal and methodology aspects of clinical trials, paying particular attention to the balance between the risks and expected benefits of these clinical trials for patients. Every clinical trial must be supervised by one or various CEIC so that its development follows the courses set out.


Committed to research and training

Supporting high quality clinical research, Hospital CIMA has a Clinical Research Unit that is part of a global Sanitas Hospitales project, which aims to promote and foster development of high quality research in the company’s hospitals and medical centres, with the highest standards of excellence.

In May 2016, a Framework Agreement was signed with the University of Barcelona to exchange knowledge and researchers and to develop t research projects.

It is currently carrying out clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry and internal promotion projects or in collaboration with other groups.

The Services that carry out Clinical Trials with medicines the Clinical Trials Unit of the Rheumatology Service, leader in trials of new treatments for rheumatology diseases and recognised by the Spanish Rheumatology Association as the centre that provides the best care to persons with rheumatoid arthritis in Spain.

In addition, in its commitment to cancer training and research, Hospital CIMA has d the Sanitas Hospitales Campus CIMA in collaboration with the Spanish Cancer Support Association (AECC)-Catalunya. An example of this is the donation to foster colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer research.

For more information, contact the Coordinator of the CR Unit at Hospital CIMA: Elena Sánchez-Vizcaíno:



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