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Cardiac CT Scan


A coronary computed tomography angiography (cardiac CT scan) is a module that arose as a non-invasive alternative to the conventional coronarography. Hospital CIMA has had extensive experience with this technique for more than 10 years, which has resulted in many research projects.


The technique only s peripheral intravenous injection of contrast and the images obtained are processed to reconstruct the coronary artery tree. The Cardiac CT Scan shows the coronary arteries, detecting the atheromatous plaques and their composition, which is an advantage over the conventional angiography but is less accurate in cases of high calcium content, stent implants or high heart rates.

These limitations and the high dose of irradiation (which is reduced with shorter exposure times and larger slices) limit its indications, patients with a medium risk of heart disease with symptoms and incorrect ischemia tests being the most appropriate.

In addition to viewing the coronary arteries, the technique calculates the calcium score, which has a high prognostic value and allows more energetic preventive treatments to be established.

In 2017 with the incorporation of the 64-slice CT scan within the expansion and general modernisation of the centre, a new stage began that will allow more accurate studies to be performed.


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