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Diagnostic tests

Digital Dermatoscopy

The Dermatology department at the Hospital Sanitas CIMA has incorporated the digital dermatoscopy, a simple, non-invasive technique that improves the diagnosis of skin lesions, particularly pigmented lesions, such as freckles, moles and spots.


Digital dermatoscopy screening is a diagnostic test in which freckles are observed through a magnifying camera with polarised light source connected to a computer system.

It makes it possible to obtain a precise and highly amplified image of the freckles and to store their appearance for future comparison. The digital dermatoscopy is a painless test for the patient and makes it possible to pinpoint to a high degree the diagnosis of skin lesions.


The digital dermatoscopy has marked a before and after in the early diagnosis of skin cancer, increasing its sensitivity and reducing the use of biopsies and unnecessary exeresis of lesions. It provides a body map of all the pigmented lesions, which is stored on the computer system, facilitating personalised monitoring of the development of moles in each patient.

It is used for the early diagnosis of skin cancer and to assess whether the moles have signs of malignancy or risk of transforming into cancer.


Digital dermatoscopy screening is appropriate in the following cases:

  • Patients with a high number of freckles.
  • Patients with personal or family history of skin cancer (mainly melanoma).
  • Patients with dysplastic nevus syndrome (freckles with dynamic changes and risk of transformation).

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