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Sleep Disturbance Unit

Insomnia, Sleep Apnoea Syndrome, Restless Legs Syndrome, narcolepsy, etc. Almost 30% of the Spanish population suffers from some form of sleep disturbance, preventing them from leading a normal life. Despite this, only one in five people who are affected seeks medical help, even though 90% of cases are curable.

The CIMA Clinic Sleep Disturbance Unit was d in response to this widespread problem. It provides a medical service for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep abnormalities and is manned by a team with extensive experience in the field.

Insomnia is the inability to sleep well; apnoea is when breathing stops during sleep; and snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. In our unit, these conditions are treated by a multidisciplinary team. The appropriate studies are carried out quickly and the cause of the disturbance and most appropriate treatment are then gradually determined.

The patients who visit our unit are, in the first instance, examined by the respiratory specialist and the ear, nose, and throat specialist. These examinations :

  • General medical history
  • Specific questionnaires
  • Physical examination
  • Basal spirometry test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Oropharynx examination
  • Otoscopy
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Upper-tract endoscopy.

Based on this first block of examinations, the patient receives an initial report in which, according to the findings in the phase one, other examinations are indicated:

  • Split-night study
  • Complete polysomnography
  • Titration by Auto-CPAP
  • Simple respiratory polygraph

At the end of the study, the patient receives indications on the most suitable treatment: hygiene and dietary measures, speech therapy or surgery. In follow-up visits, the patient's response to treatment and degree of satisfaction are evaluated.

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