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Women's health unit

We accompany you in all the stages of your life

At Hospital CIMA we want to look after women’s health in every stage of their life. That is why we have developed pioneering units and specialised services that guarantee complete care with maximum quality:At Hospital CIMA we want to look after women’s health in every stage of their life. That is why we have developed pioneering units and specialised services that guarantee complete care with maximum quality:

Ginecologia Adolescente

Gynaecology Unit for Teenagers:

In this unit we want to look after you in a very special way during your teenage years, emphasising prevention and early detection of diseases that could compromise a woman’s health in the future.

We have a team of young gynaecology doctors specialised in caring for teenagers who will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in all gynaecological consultations and tests. In addition, you will have psychological, nutritional, paediatric, endocrinology and dermatology support whenever necessary.

Ginecologia Gynaecology:

Through our Gynaecology Service we want to support you with one of the main preventive medicine consultations. Even if you feel absolutely healthy and do not have any symptoms, it is important to have gynaecology check-ups, mainly to carry out routine studies that could detect some diseases early, such as alterations to the cells of the cervix and breast cancer.

It is very important for women of reproductive age to visit the gynaecologist at least once a year for a check-up.

We have a team of gynaecologists who are experts in studying, diagnosing and treating women’s diseases.

Tu parto Your child delivery:

At such a special time in a woman’s life we want to protect and care for what you most love. You have a complete team of specialists in obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthesia, paediatrics and mother-baby nursing at your service that will take care of both of you:

  • Before delivery: Our specialists (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists) will help you to get ready and take care of yourself before such an important event:
  • During delivery: We are by your side at all times with the best medical professionals and equipment and state-of-the-art technology.
  • After delivery: You have a new addition to the family who we want to take care of as much as you. That is why we offer you everything you need for the first stage of your baby’s life.
Reproduccion Asistida Assisted reproduction:

Our commitment is to take care of you and so we want to be with you at this delicate time to listen to you and take care of all your needs.

We have a multi-disciplinary medical team that has proven experience in reproductive medicine. In addition, we have the best and latest medical equipment, as we are at the forefront of the most innovative reproduction technologies.

Come and see us. The first consultation is free; you can ask us all the questions that are worrying you, with no obligation. We are at your disposal.

Cancer en la Mujer Cancer in women:

At Hospital CIMA we want to be by your side in every stage of your life. That is why we have d a new pioneering unit in women’s healthcare dedicated exclusively to early diagnosis of cancer in women.

This comprises an experienced, highly qualified medical team which is cognisant of the latest findings regarding women’s diseases. This benchmark multi-disciplinary team in Barcelona has the most advanced technology on the market: 3D digital mammogram with high definition tomosynthesis and prone biopsy table for more precise, faster and safer biopsies.

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Sanitas Hospitals, maximum quality accreditation QH

The IDIS delivers the QH quality certification in 3 star category to the Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja and Sanitas CIMA Hospital

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