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Preventive Medicine Unit

The Medicine department is a multidisciplinary al unit focusing on the prevention and early detection of illness and the improvement of the quality of life of our patients.

The Preventive Medicine Unit is directed at people with no symptoms who wish to undergo an assessment of their state of health or people displaying symptoms for a basic medical examination and diagnosis and/or guidance with their health issue.

The examinations carried out on patients are governed by protocols and agreed with the different specialist areas, and are d regularly based on new scientific knowledge. They are essentially directed at the prevention of cardiovascular risks and early detection of colon, breast, gynaecologic, prostate and lung cancer, which are the most frequent types.

The prevention activity is established on three levels:

The objective is to reduce the probabilities of falling ill. It is essentially based on the detection of unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits that could cause health problems, and on active immunisation (vaccination). Health education by means of medical advice is one of the main preventive tools. It is given in a personalised and understandable manner, explaining the changes necessary to improve the patient's state of health, if necessary with psychological or dietary support, support to quit smoking, advice on exercise, etc. and close and accessible monitoring of their state of health.
The objective is to detect illness at an early stage. Screening tests focused on early detection of illnesses that can have a significant effect on life expectancy and quality of life and which can be treated are conducted. Essentially, cancer and atherosclerosis.
The objective is to slow down the progression of the illness and mitigate incapacities they exist.
For your comfort, we have designed a fast-track circuit so that you can perform all the tests in our facilities in a single day. During the check-up you will be accompanied by an assistant who will guide you and keep you informed throughout the process. At the end of the tests, the internal medicine coordinating doctor will give a general assessment and suggest some actions that may be necessary, according to the results. The patient will receive the definitive results of the examinations in a detailed report with recommendations to follow.
This consists in a visit with the internist doctor to complete the medical history and physical examination, complete general analysis, X-ray and/or thoracic CT scan, abdominal and prostate (for men) ultrasound, complete cardiac study (electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, stress test, carotid arterial Doppler echocardiogram), spirometry test, visit to ophthalmology, otolaryngology and gynaecology. Sometimes it is completed with a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, a visit to urology and other specialist areas (according to the patient's needs). Personalised check-ups in line with the needs of the client can be completed.

Head doctor:

  • Dr. César Morcillo Serra

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